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St David’s Day

What do we know about our patron saint, St David?

David was born in Pembrokeshire about 520AD. History has it that he was born on a mountain in a wild thunder storm to a Nun, Non and the King of Ceredigion.

David became a monk and founded a monastery in the City we now know as St Davids. The site of the cathedral is believed to be the original location of this monastery. 

David became known as 'David the Water-Drinker' due to the bread and water existence that he lived.

His name spawned the term Taffy, believed to have come from Dafydd.

Legend says that he was a miracle worker with powers to give sight to the blind and bring children back to life.

Whilst preaching to a crowds in Llanddewi Brefi, a miracle was said to have occurred. The crown couldn’t hear him and, when a dove landed on his shoulder, the ground rose to enable the crowd to see and hear him. 

David’s final words to his followers were supposedly “ Be joyful, keep the faith and do the little things that you have heard and seen me do” 

St David’s died on 1st March in 589. That is why we celebrate St David’s Day in Wales.

After his death, a shrine was built in his honour at his cathedral. 

Edward 1st took this head and arm to London and displayed them following his 1284 military campaign.

St David has his own flag, a yellow cross on a black background commonly displayed in Pembrokeshire.