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Trucks for Ukraine

Follow our efforts to source and deliver trucks and other necessities to our Ukrainian friends on our Facebook page:  

18 4x4s laden with supplies, aid, kit and equipment!
That’s how many so far thanks to fantastic donations, incredible volunteers and sheer determination!!
Trucks for Ukraine
It’s a can do challenge and attitude and we’re smashing it together!!
Thank you to everyone who’s donated!!
line of trucks
We’re not stopping, there’s plenty to do, people identifying cars to buy, drivers fetching cars and bringing them to Cwmbran, people loading cars with aid, cars being driven to Poland! Then there’s all the admin, documents to file, insurance to organise, tax to do, banking and money transfers! Then there’s checking the trucks and making sure they are fit for the journey!!
Kit for Ukraine
Basically we’ve spun up, in under a week mind, a logistics corp, and it’s going well!!
I can’t list all of the names, it would take me all day, and we’ve got cars to buy!! 😂
But you know who you are and you’ll be in our hearts always!!