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Does fine bone china keep tea hotter?

Well the simple answer is a resounding yes!

... and coffee, hot chocolate or hot soup...

There is nothing quite like a cup of tea from a fine bone china mug. We speak to so many customers who start off the conversation with that simple phrase and customers do know best. So why? It's all to do with mass. Fine bone china has less mass to absorb the heat out of the liquid and the surface stays nice and hot acting as a super-efficient vessel for heat transfer. Perfect!

Not only that but the experience of drinking from fine bone china mugs gives the drinker a much better experience. They make thin and smooth mugs so do not distract your senses from the contents... And come on, if you've made a perfect cuppa, you want to enjoy it at its best.

We recommend buying the right size mug for the contents too. There's nothing worse that serving a shot of espresso in a tea mug. It will cool quick due to the size of the vessel and it simply doesn't taste the same if you don't have to hold the tiny handle with your pinky out.

I can remember my Nanny pouring her tea out of her fine bone china cup onto her saucer when I was little. I know now that this was done to cool it enough for me to slurp but it has reinforced my need for tea in a cup and saucer. 

We know at Welsh Connection that it's not just about how it tastes or how hot it is. The perfect cup of tea is about how it makes you feel. We make for you. It's what we do.