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Our first shop - Castle Arcade, Cardiff

Well we've only gone and done it. Welsh Connection has a flagship store in Castle Arcade, Cardiff. We have almost been in for a week now and it has been one of the most exciting things that we've done!

We are pleased to have wonderful neighbours here. Everyone is very friendly and all small independent businesses. Come and take a walk through the beautiful arcade and you can grab some Welsh Cakes from Fabulous, have a haircut with the traditional barber, buy the BEST soda bread from Pettigrew Bakery and grab some chutneys and cheeses from Green and Jenks. That's just our side!

It's been an experience. There have been no injuries and lots of laughs. Getting rid of the elaborate tiger wallpaper was one of the first jobs and, once that was gone, Welsh Connection's colour palette moved in. David did the most amazing job sanding the floor and I don't think we've ever done so much sweeping. It was so dusty.

Anyway, we all pulled together and managed to open within four days serving our very first customers within 10 minutes of opening on 28th October 2023.

Almost a week in, we've met some wonderfully talented business people, gained some followers, made and sold some china, and rearranged the shelves a hundred times. It's fair to say that the highlight of the week was a surprise visit from the Welsh Connection team. To see their faces as they looked at the china they've made, on the shelves, ready for sale... priceless.

Thanks to you all for making this happen. It is honestly a childhood dream come true.