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Our Charity of the Year

We are supporting the Alzheimer's Society as our Charity of the Year 2021/22 (registered charity no. 296645).

How this started for us... well it's a story.

I sat with a friend at dinner one evening and she began to talk about her mother (G) who had recently passed away. Her mum had suffered with dementia and, during her final months, struggled to maintain her dignity. The struggle was due to the aids that she needed to enable her to live comfortably. These situations were generally beyond her control as there were few alternatives.

As we reminisced, we chatted about G's love of a good cup of tea, and how tea tastes better from a china cup (and I was not going to disagree with this, at all!). As dementia took its toll though, G was forced to drink from a two-handled plastic cup, the type usually found in the baby aisle at the supermarket. My stomach rolled at the thought that this strong, independent woman saw through her days drinking from a baby cup.

It wasn't long before I faced this for myself. My Uncle Den was diagnosed with dementia and the deterioration was rapid. His hands became unsteady and due to his fierce need for independence, we saw many spillages. I was determined to find a solution.

I chatted with family and friends who had cared for dementia patients, pooled ideas and spoke to the wonderful Alzheimer's Society. Our Forget-Me-Not range was born shortly after our Uncle Den's passing.

Our two-handled mug will offer extra stability to those who know that tea tastes better in a china mug (who doesn't?). We have created a complementing one-handled mug and milk jug too... although the jug looks fabulous with flowers in!

We are proud to support the Alzheimer's Society and we will be donating 20% of all proceeds of the sale of the Forget-Me-Not range to them. We think this is a fitting tribute to those who have lost their battle with dementia and to support those who will battle every day.

Uncle Den, we will forget-you-not.... x