Product Size Guide


1/4 pint approx.  Height: 7.5cm / Base: 5.5cm

1/2 pint approx. Height: 11cm Base: 7.5cm

1 pint approx. Height: 13cm Base: 8.5cm

2 pint approx. Height: 16.5cm Base: 10.5cm

Large | 3pt  approx. Height: 19.5cm Base: 14cm

Extra Large | 4 pt approx. Height: 21cm / Base: 15cm

Jug Sizes


Extra Small: 6cm x 6.5cm

Small: 8.5cm x 7.5cm

Medium: 9cm x 8cm

Large: 10cm x 9.5cm

Travel Mugs: 13cm x 8.5cm 

Square Mugs: 10.5cm x 7cm

Mug Sizes

Oval Serving Bowls

Small: 12.5cm x 10cm

Medium: 17.5cm x 14.5cm

Large: 22.5cm x 18.5cm

Oval Bowl Sizes
Please note, due to the handmade nature of our products slight variations may occur.